Monday, 4 January 2010

Vacation @ Paradise - Inlander

We waved goodbye to the dreamy beaches, the amazing coral reefs and the seafood BBQs of Gili Trawangan...
Are those tears in our eyes you say?
No it's the wind caused by the 4x200 break horse power fast boat which will take us back to Bali in 1 hr! We went away from the coast to Ubud to be precise:

On our way to ubud we saw this family, dad is wearing a leather jacket in reverse in 34 C, underneath the little hat is a baby!

Ganesha welcoming us at our hotel

There are a lot of these guys around

and so are these guys!

The only way to tell if rambutan is ripe: There need to be ants on the shell

people wear flowers in their hair here

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