Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Club

I was told on several occasions in the recent past that I could not do certain things because I was not a member of a certain club.

You see...
I have many ambitions in life, but becoming a member of a club has never been high on the list.
It’s because you usually have to do stuff to become a member...

Pay money...
Believe in holy scripture or some other form of fairy tale...

Usually both.
My goddess Aergia forbids me to do stuff anyway.

There are also clubs that do not really require you to invest money or faith, but that require a sequence of certain rites to be performed, preferably ancient ones. Those clubs are the most difficult to become a member of. Not because those rites are impossible to perform, but because the members who have gone through the ordeal of becoming a member, want something in return...

Membership exclusivity and all the power of authority that comes along with that.

That’s all fine... roll through the mud if you must, learn those secret handshakes (don’t forget to wash). Just don’t tell me I cannot do certain things ignoring the quality of those things, just because I am not a member of your club. I have a complementary secret salute to your handshake for you to learn.

So I did, what most people apparently do in such a situation, I started a new club.

Anyone can join
Anyone can start their own

Membership is automatic on attendance

The only requirement is that you have to be prepared put your ideas through some rigorous and ruthless testing. To see what they are worth.

We especially like big and wild ideas

Check it out!









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