Thursday, 24 December 2009

Vacation @ Schiphol part 2: The return of the the son of the evil twin of day 1

So here's the story: "Our" plane hit a luggage cart which was parked in the wrong place which tore up the
casing of one engine. Since it's Christmas there are no:
- Spare parts at Amsterdam
- Spare planes
- Spare crews
- Spare seats with other airliners

So we're resceduled to fly fridaynight @ 22:00 (if repairs go well they're flying in a new casing and a tech-team from Kuala Lumpur)

Anyways... here's day 2 of our vacation @ Schiphol:

Coffee again....

Luckily Hilde was moving to Amsterdam today... Jay!
We had some spare hours to kill :)

When I say Amsterdam I mean Amsterdam Grachtengordel!
Nice view from the roof terrace :)



More relaxing, they have our favoroutie beer so could have been worse

btw... we were also able to delay our return!

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  1. Hilde looks like she's ready to jump off the roof of her new house after moving. ;)
    I'm glad you're holding out.

  2. Haha indeed she almost did...
    yep still holding out
    I wore slippers to breakfast today to get in the mood :)

  3. Looks like Hilde found a really nice place to live!
    Also: happy belated birthday. ^_^